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Kunstnere - Aldo Tranum Velásquez

Aldo Tranum Velásquez

I am born in Puerto Montt in Chile, raised in Tromsø in Norway and has lived in Copenhagen for 20 years.

I have painted all my life exploring various genres and techniques. However it is with the oil painting I really find my field of expression. The material always in motion, the colours in contant negotiation with eachother, makes the painting process very intense and alive.

The pictures I paint just show themselves for my eyes. Maybe at first just a glipse, then they start to stand out more, a silhuette, colours, textures. Gradually they become more and more clear, and then they almost paint themselves. I just go along with it. Catching the light and sensations of the place. It is a kind of meditative state somehow.

Some of the places I have been. Other places I dream. I dont know where they are, but they show themselves very vividly to me and insist on being painted.

I have exhibited at a.o. places Teatret Zeppelin (2016), Bretaniahjemmet (2017) and also do a lot of commissioned work.

Additionally to my painting I also create unicameral jewellery.

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